How to save battery life on iPhone 15 and other models

iPhones are known for their long battery life, but even the best batteries can run out of power if you’re not careful. Here are some tips on how to save battery life on your iPhone 15 or other model:

Check your app usage

The first step to saving battery life is to understand which apps are using the most power. To do this, go to Settings > Battery. Here, you’ll see a list of all the apps that have used battery life in the last 24 hours and 7 days.

If you see any apps that you’re not using very often or that are using a lot of power, you can try disabling them or deleting them altogether. You can also try to reduce the amount of time you spend using these apps.

Use Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode is a great way to extend your battery life when you’re running low. To turn on Low Power Mode, go to Settings > Battery and toggle the switch next to Low Power Mode.

Low Power Mode will disable some features, such as background app refresh and automatic updates. It will also reduce the screen brightness and performance. However, most people won’t notice a significant difference in performance when Low Power Mode is enabled.

Adjust your screen brightness

Your iPhone’s screen is one of the biggest drains on the battery. To save battery life, try to reduce the screen brightness as much as possible. You can do this by swiping down from the top right corner of the screen to open Control Center and then dragging the brightness slider down.

You can also go to Settings > Display & Brightness to adjust the screen brightness manually. If you have Auto-Brightness enabled, your iPhone will automatically adjust the screen brightness based on the ambient light. However, you can also disable Auto-Brightness and manually adjust the brightness to your liking.

Manage your background app refresh

Background app refresh allows apps to continue running in the background even when you’re not using them. This can be useful for apps that need to stay up-to-date, such as news apps or social media apps. However, it can also drain your battery life.

To manage your background app refresh settings, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Here, you can choose to disable background app refresh for all apps or for individual apps.

Disable location services for apps that don’t need them

Location services can be a big battery drain, especially if you have a lot of apps enabled to use your location. To disable location services for individual apps, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

Here, you can tap on an app and then choose to disable location services for that app. You can also choose to allow location services only when the app is in use.

Turn off AirDrop and Bluetooth when you’re not using them

AirDrop and Bluetooth are both great features, but they can also drain your battery life if you leave them turned on all the time. To turn off AirDrop, go to Control Center and tap on the AirDrop button. To turn off Bluetooth, go to Settings > Bluetooth and toggle the switch next to Bluetooth off.

Restart your iPhone regularly

Restarting your iPhone can help to clear out any temporary files or glitches that may be draining your battery life. To restart your iPhone, press and hold the power button until the “slide to power off” slider appears. Then, slide the slider to the right and turn off your iPhone.

Wait a few seconds, and then press and hold the power button again to turn your iPhone back on.

Use optimized battery charging

Optimized battery charging is a feature that helps to extend the lifespan of your iPhone’s battery. To enable optimized battery charging, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health and toggle the switch next to Optimized Battery Charging on.

Optimized battery charging learns your daily charging routine and delays charging your iPhone past 80% until you need it. This helps to reduce the amount of time your iPhone spends at 100% charge, which can extend the lifespan of the battery.

Follow these tips to save battery life on your iPhone 15 or other model and enjoy your device for longer.