Lexus Security Light Blinking Car Won't Start

Lexus Security Light Blinking Car Won't Start. I put the key in the ignition and the security light constantly flashes. Press button 1 until it start blinking (about 20 seconds).

Immobilizer/ECU Programming Autokey
Immobilizer/ECU Programming Autokey from

If you get the same result as previously—nothing happens or the engine starts and dies with the security light flashing—wait ten more minutes. This will reprogram your security system and the car should start. We installed a remote wire on passenger side of car for additional speakers and it worked fine for about an hour.

Stand Out Side Of The Car And Close All Doors.

They can do other tweaks also. Since your security light won't go out, that is telling you it is not recognizing a key in the ignition and you need to reprogram the immobilizer using the steps below, can you try another key? 1 answer anonymous expert 334 answers your vats security system is failing.

I Put The Key In The Ignition And The Security Light Constantly Flashes.

When the car is locked, the light indicator is always on. I put a new battery and when i plug the positive (+) cable the parking lights and security light turn on. Press button 1 until it start blinking (about 20 seconds).

This Will Reprogram Your Security System And The Car Should Start.

After that, the security light indicator flashes as follows: Now, to program your first gate car remote let's choose button 1. Keeping button 1 pressed, activate your hand held remote close (about an inch) from the car button 1, until the light blinks faster than before.

If You Get The Same Result As Previously—Nothing Happens Or The Engine Starts And Dies With The Security Light Flashing—Wait Ten More Minutes.

Do not release programming button press lock (left) button the remotes to be. Then you disconnect the positive and it happens to touch metal it won't short anything out. This is a video is of a 2000 chevy express 2500 van that wouldn't start.

Turn Ignition Key To 'On' Press And *Hold Programming Button* In (See Diagram, Button Under Dashboard) After 15 Seconds The The Door Locks Will Cycle 3 Times.

Make sure you can not wiggle the cables, that the connectors at the battery can't spin or move at all. Hello i'm really confused on where to turn next with this car. You just had to disconnect the negative off the old battery first.

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